Personal care services in Birmingham, Alabama, USA, that allow seniors to feel independent at home without taking their dignity or respect.

We strive to deliver personal care services that allow seniors to feel independent at home without taking their dignity or respect. Our caregivers are highly trained to offer important in-home care services that can help make daily life easier for the care recipient.

Our perosnal home care tasks include:

Bathing, dressing, and grooming

As our loved ones grow old bathing becomes a challenge because of limited mobility. Bathing a senior adult is a delicate and emotional task that requires sensitivity and professionalism. We pride in certified caregivers who possess the skills as well as emotional muscle to handle the tasks with ease.

Ambulation assistance

When people begin to age, muscles begin to feel stiff and sore, movement progressively becomes more difficult and painful. We make ambulation an important daily goal ensuring that inactivity is kept at a minimum.

Transferring and positioning

Moving, lifting, and assisting the elderly require the use of good and proper body mechanics to minimize the risk of injury. Our expert caregivers deploy the most accurate techniques and planning to ensure the patient can move safely.

Transportation (medical)

We organize provide safe and comfortable transportation for medical purposes such as an appointment with the doctor.


By understanding the toileting difficulties that senior adults face we have designed and incorporated a scheduled toileting program into our care service.

Feeding & special diet

As our loved one's age, following a nutritional diet is essential to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and maintain good health. However, many senior adults find it difficult to prepare nutritional meals for themselves, and if they can, they risk injury or illness. That is why meal preparation is important and should be handled by a professional caregiver who understands the dietary needs of the recipient.