Dailyn Care provides comprehensive companion care service in Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Social isolation has been shown to significantly increase the risk of health complications and mortality in senior adults. With this understanding, we provide a comprehensive companion care service that covers a range of basic tasks and activities aimed at making daily life easier and safer for the care recipient. These tasks include.

Our companion care tasks include:

Medication reminders

Making sure your loved ones take their medication as prescribed is never easy. It requires professional assistance to simplify the process. We have just the right in-home caregiver professionals to ensure that your loved ones receive proper dosages.

Meal preparation

As our loved one's age, following a nutritional diet is essential to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and maintain good health. However, many senior adults find it difficult to prepare nutritional meals for themselves, and if they can, they risk injury or illness. That is why meal preparation is important.

Grooming assistance

The way a senior adult dresses and styles can have a direct impact on their self-esteem. When caregivers can no longer dress and groom themselves, we step in to help them with their dressing and grooming tasks.


Mobility and transport for senior adults are crucial in helping them maintain a sense of independence. Our transport and mobility service helps the elderly carry out activities with comfort and minimal risk of injury.


If not checked, errands can turn into a never-ending list of chores that can at times overwhelm the aging senior adults. We provide errand services such as shopping, mail delivery, picking up prescriptions, car washes, and many more.

Light housekeeping

Our professional caregivers cover a range of light housekeeping duties to help sort through the clutter and keep the home heat and organized. Talk to us to create a custom housekeeping for your loved one.

Live-in services

For senior adults, there is no place like home. For them home carries all the memories. Taking them from home may make them feel lonely and isolated. We believe in affordable live-in elderly care so that the elderly can live their lives in dignity and respect in the comfort of their home and surrounded by their loved ones.

Respite care

Caring for senior adults requires a break from time to time. Dailyn Care is proud to provide respite care to assist family caregivers to recharge both physically and emotionally. Everyone deserves time to recover and focus on themselves.