We take Health and Safety first

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for those who wish to continue living independently, through affordable home care services.

We understand how complex it can be for a family to cater to all the special needs of a senior adult, since these needs may involve resources that are not available at home. Through our experienced team of caregivers, we step in to offer health and safety-driven, comprehensive caregiving services that match the day-to-day living challenges of our clients. 

Work with caregivers who care.

We care about the safety and comfort of your loved one. We go the extra mile to ensure that we have the right resources in place to handle the complex needs of senior adults.  We strive to enhance the quality of life and independence for the elderly in the community.  

Our Care Programs

Treating Your Loved Ones Like Family

Social isolation has been shown to significantly increase the risk of health complications and mortality in senior adults. With this understanding, we provide a comprehensive companion care service that covers a range of basic tasks and activities aimed at making daily life easier and safer for the care recipient.

These companion tasks include:
We strive to deliver personal care services that allow seniors to feel independent at home without taking their dignity or respect. Our caregivers are highly trained to offer important in-home care services that can help make daily life easier for the care recipient. Our care service tasks include.
These personal care tasks include:

A Better everyday Life for Senior adults

Each of our clients is an important member of the Dailyn Family.

Client Testimonials

Look no further than Dailyn Caregivers for senior care services in Birmingham City, Alabama. We work with experienced caregivers to provide you with quality services. You may check back on this page to see testimonials from our previous clients.

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